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We've got a Bacon Thread, why not a Door Knocking Thread?

I was doorknocking Med Supp DM leads yesterday and had a couple of odd/funny type calls.

The 1st odd one, the lady answers the door and she said to wait a minute while her husband gets dressed. Then she let me in while he was getting dressed. I told her that he didn't have to get dressed, that I've talked insurance with guys in their undewear before...but only when their wives were present. 

She told me to sit in the green chair, it was the best one. I started work my way through the "path"(mild hoarders)and I'd gotten half way to the green chair when the husband comes into the room and says, "before you get too comfortable, I should tell you that we have bed bugs". I immediately thought of Josh Jones...hahaha. 

I told him not to take offense, but I'd just stand. I didn't stand long. She has Wellcare and is on dialysis. He had a UHC Med Supp, takes 170 units of inslin a day and has Neuropathy. I could've replaced his dental policy, but I wasn't getting bed bugs over a dental policy. I wished them luck with the bed bugs and told them I'd be itching the rest of the day.

When I got home the garage door was up. I pulled in and shut the door and started taking my clothes off. mYy wife opened the door to see why I shut the garage door, then wondered why I was taking my clothes off. I told her about the bed bugs and that I didn't sit down, but wasn't taking any chances. She got a horrified look on her face and shut the door, ten she opened the door again and told me to put my clothes in the washing machine. She had the washing machine going before I could step in the shower. After she had the situation under contol, she started laughing about it. (

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